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This site contains important information that will make you a better small cap investor. We offer investors free access to our professional research and analysis on potentially undervalued small cap stocks. Be sure to check in often for our latest research.

Rating Recent Press Releases What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Our Favorite Trading Ideas

Why Calpian is Worth $13.00 Per Share - It is About Income Statement Consolidation

We have been closely watching events at Calpian (CLPI) - In this report we explain why these share are a steal at current prices

We are on FDA Clearance watch for Advanced Medical Isotopes (ADMD) - Watch this one Closely

Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (OTCQB:ADMD) has filed pre-market notification to the FDA for its Yttrium-90 (Y-90) RadioGel brachytherapy cancer treatment, which utilizes a re-absorbable, biodegradable polymer rather than titanium metal seeds. We believe odds of FDA clearance are above 75%.

Expecting More News on Santa Fe Gold Corp. - Headed to the Singapore Exchange

We realize that gold and gold miners are really out of favor right now, but AMTX has dropped significantly and we are expecting great news over the coming month.

Latest Reports

Full Report on Advanced Medical Isotopes (ADMD - We are on FDA Clearance Watch!

We believe the Company is on the verge of a major product introduction into the brachytherapy cancer treatment market. We view the Y-90 RadioGel™ device and the other Y-90 products as compelling hybrids between the legacy low dose rate products that utilize permanent seeds for the treatment of prostate cancer and the high dose rate therapies that are gaining in popularity

Calpian, Inc. Fast Grower in International Payments - Executive Summary

We continue to be very excited about Calpian, Inc. This fast growing company has yet to be discovered by most investors. When it does, we think the shares will soar

3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. A High Risk, but Potentially High Reward Trade

• 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK.TDEY) has recently released its beta version of a very interesting application that enables users of tablets, smart phones and IP-oriented television set top boxes to access a growing library of 2D and 3D video content. While available on the Android platform, the Company is eagerly awaiting news relative to approval from Apple’s App Store

Calpian (CLPI) Fast Growing International Mobile Payment Player

Our Top Trading Points for CLPI - With Hype Growth in Mobile Payments this Undiscovered Story is Due for a Coming Out Party - Way Undervalued

3D Entertainment Holdings- Research Conclusions

We see some opportunities for this Company relative to 3D-oriented consumer applications to be utilized in conjunction with the very fast-growing Internet protocol-based set top boxes and applications such as Roku, Apple TV, Netflix, and others. We are expecting additional product announcements from the Company concerning these applications.

The Bottom Line on ADMD - Do You Buy it, Hold it or Sell it?

Over the coming weeks we will be watching for two events, news relative to FDA clearance and news relative to fundraising activities. Should we get positive relative to either event, we would expect the shares to trade considerably higher.


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